Hello World.

I’m here because Sally told me to start writing. To start writing anything.

Honestly, I find writing to be excruciating. I often compare it to pulling teeth. It’s all well and good to have interesting, half baked thoughts bouncing around your head. But the moment you have to commit it to the page (or a word processor, as it were), the moment you have to fully draw out those ideas, the moment you have to organise your thoughts so that they are intelligible to other humans… it’s exhausting.

It’s a fraught process, because you go from a wide-eyed fascination with a half-imagined, idealised form to facing the harsh reality that birthing your thoughts into the world is never quite as perfect as you’d dreamed.

But here I am. With a blog post. On a blog with no organising theme or principle, besides the fact that I’m the one writing it. Because Sally told me to start writing.